Bridging the Gap Between Philanthropic Desire and Philanthropic Action

Here at 100 Ways of Giving we feel a burning responsibility to give back to our underserved communities in ways that are innovative and approachable for the young adult Black giver. One of these ways, is to work to bridge the gap between the desire to help with the “act” of helping.

When it comes to your everyday life, have you ever had the experience of witnessing a person in need and immediately wanting to help them, whether it was a homeless person living on the street or someone suffering loss from a natural disaster? After initially feeling the desire to help, what did you do? Did you give the homeless person money or volunteer at a shelter geared towards providing aid to this population? Did you travel to the disaster-struck area to assist with rebuilding or start a crowdfunding account to raise money towards relief efforts?

For many of us, the answer has been to do nothing or delay any type of action. We at 100 Ways of Giving (a judge-free zone by the way!) understand that there may be multitude of reasons that yield this outcome every day; but one reason that speaks to us is the limited access to opportunities for young Black adults to give, whether it be through time OR service and THAT’S precisely where we come in.

We bring Black millennials together to bridge the gap of their philanthropic desires by manifesting these desires into philanthropic action. We do this by creating opportunities for you to connect with like-minded giving individuals; planning fun engaging community service initiatives; and providing volunteer opportunities through our programs and partnerships. Most importantly we want to ensure that the act of GIVING is fun and fulfilling.

Since we are currently working on our 2017 programming, we invite you to visit our site to stay informed on all things 100 WOG by:

Happy Giving!

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