Service to others is rent you pay for your room here on earth.

– Muhammad Ali


Our volunteers usually consist of young professionals, artists, students, and entrepreneurs seeking to give back to the underserved communities in which they live in. Responsibilities may include (but not limited to) assisting in the preparation and execution of our yearly initiatives/campaigns.

Although all are welcomed to join our Volunteer Network, most of our volunteers will consist of individuals between the ages of 18-33 because we believe that engaging millennials and young adults of color will not only tap into a target demographic that is otherwise overlooked it will:

  • Target a growing demographic of young people who will then pass on their experiences to generations to come.
  • Provide data on philanthropy amongst young adults of color, where measurable data is otherwise minimal or nonexistent.
  • Change the “savior” mentality of giving by redefining the look of the giver.
  • Be one of few organizations that promote philanthropy amongst young adults of color to undeserved communities where people of color predominantly reside.

Our volunteers are considered to be the organization’s backbone. Without volunteers, we would be unable to support our mission. Without volunteers, we would be unable to expand our outreach. Without volunteers, there is no us! Click the link below to join our volunteer network!