The Haitian Pearl, Natural Disasters, and Hope For the Children

Haiti, once known as the “Pearl of the Antilles” because of the natural beauty of the island’s clear blue seas, forests, waterfalls, caves, and countless mountains, has witnessed its fair share of natural disasters in the past decade. This small Caribbean country has been devastated by hurricanes, cyclones, and most notably the massive Category 7 earthquake of January 2010 that claimed the lives of approximately 3 million people while destroying the country’s historical National Palace.

Six years later, as the country still struggles to rebuild its land, economy, agriculture, AND government, Hurricane Matthew shattered the country once again on October 4th, destroying many parts of South Haiti as the Category 4 storm affected more than 1 million people.

Unlike political unrest or devastation instigated by the human population, natural disasters come and go as they please destroying the lives of ANYone, no matter their race, creed, gender, ethnicity or age and for this very reason, we believe that Haiti should be supported by anyone who can lend a helping hand. Consequently, the leaders of the organization met, brainstormed ideas of how we could help and decided that we at 100 Ways of Giving, would join in on efforts to help.  We may have also been a bit biased since I am Haitian-American!

We made it our duty to ensure that the organization we would raise funds for, would be founded by person(s) of Haitian descent; be familiar with the Haitian people, language and culture; and have an extensive commemorative history with philanthropic efforts in Haiti.

Our criteria was happily met by an organization named The United States Foundation for the Children of Haiti (USFCH), “a volunteer organization based in the United States which serves the Fondation Pour Les Enfants D'Haiti (FEH), under the leadership of Gladys Thomas. The FEH has worked since 1981, serving the children of Haiti through education, health and residence.  The FEH has grown from one small orphanage to an organization that today operates two boarding schools, a home for children with disabilities, three schools and a 50 bed general hospital.  Today FEH has over 500 children attending our schools.  The partnership between the Haitian staff of the FEH and the USFCH has created a means to touch the lives of the children of Haiti.”  The organization has been mentioned in numerous publications highlighting their work with the children of Haiti and provides updates on their relief efforts periodically with pictures! We are happy to help them in their efforts and are currently working diligently on every way we can help.

Please stay tuned for updates on how we will need YOU to help US help Haiti.

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