100 Ways of Giving’s programs and services provide various opportunities for current millennials and future young adults of color to give back and/or volunteer within the very communities in which they are from. We believe that changing the face of philanthropy through our programs will instill a sense of purpose and civic responsibility within young individuals from these communities. 100 Ways of Giving will support this mission with two programs: Gift 100 and Help 100.

100 WOG's Commitment to Diversity in Philanthropy

YDOC who would give if asked
YDOC who give time
Millennials who say giving is life
100 Ways of Giving is passionate about diversity! We believe that diversity yields a competitive advantage, as the country begins to value and leverage the buying power and/or impact of those who tend to be overlooked or misrepresented: people of color. With the help of the community and partnering local and national organizations, we strive to change the landscape of philanthropy for other nonprofits to reflect the country’s influential diverse population.

100 Ways of Giving will increase diversity in philanthropy.

100 Ways of Giving brings young donors and volunteers of color together to serve the very communities they live to discount any theories that millennials aren’t interested in civic engagement or that people of color (especially those raised and living in underserved communities) are unable to give.




*YDOC represents "Young donors of color" in data listed above.
(Chart 1 & 2 Source: Blackbaud "Diversity of Giving"
(Chart 3 Source: