GIFT 100

Gift 100 is an annual gifting program in which at least 100 individuals
in need are selected to receive a bucket/wish list item from 100 Ways of Giving.

The gift will be one that creates and promotes cultural awareness, educational/professional development, personal enrichment, and healthy living. The gift recipients can self-nominate or be nominated by an individual that is professionally connected to them such as: a teacher, mentor, colleague, etc. Upon receipt of the 100 WOG gift, gift recipients will be required to provide at least one hour of service to a 100 WOG service initiative, an approved non profit partner, or a cause that is near and dear to them. In lieu of service, gift recipients may also pay it forward by performing an in-kind gesture, promoting our motto to “help 100, pass it on”.



A Peek into our Gift 100 process


Accept Nominations

In Q1 of each new year, 100 Ways of Giving will open its online nomination process for individuals interested in self-nominating or nominating an individual in need who meets 100 WOG’s gifting criteria.


Review Nominations

Our Gift 100 review team will review all nominations received in Q1 and choose the selected individuals who will be gifted at the close of each year. Careful and thorough consideration will be exercised for each nominated individual.


Letters of Acceptance

Selected gift recipients will be notified with an acceptance letter and be asked to fill out program forms to ensure timely and accurate distribution of the meaningful gift. Forms must be completed and returned to 100 WOG on/before September 30th of each year. Guidelines for how to pass on the act of giving will also be provided to each gift recipient at this time.



During the winter holiday season of each year, selected gift recipients will receive their wish list item, complete their required one hour of service, and/or perform their in-kind gesture as described in the Gift 100 criteria, encouraging the act of paying it forward.

Our goal each year is to gift at least 100 people.

We’ll be accepting nominations for the first installment of Gift 100 in Q1 of 2017. We have provided examples of the types of gifts we will grant below. Please visit in the new year to find out how you can nominate a friend, colleague or loved one for a meaningful gift. In the meantime, support the Gift 100 program by donating to the “Gift 100” Campaign below.