The Wary Giver

As a recently incorporated non-profit organization, run by Black young women, we knew that one of our greatest challenges would be to convince the masses that OUR organization was worthy of their energy, time, commitment and/or … dollar.  We had several obstacles to consider as a new nonprofit, but one constant challenge we often stumble upon is how to alleviate the concerns of the wary giver.

In a Twitter chat hosted by our organization in commemoration of Giving Tuesday, we asked the general population for common reasons that deter them from giving. Two common deterrents mentioned were:

  1. The misappropriation of funds by nonprofit organizations
  2. Lack of transparency

It was not the first time that we were given this feedback, but we still struggle with devising innovative ways to convince the wary giver that we, a fairly new organization, will use funds donated, for the sole purpose of what we started this organization to do: help those in need, while initiating a chain reaction of giving, galvanizing the young Black giver.

We’ve been assured by mentors and leaders in the field that loyal donors will come in due time, as the company ages out of infancy; and that each successful community service initiative, fundraising event, partnership, and/or sponsorship will build trust amongst the masses gradually, but we are eager to dig a bit deeper and hear from you! The truth is we are millennials after all, known for going against the grain, not taking traditional routes to success, and taking full advantage of our “microwave” society.  We at 100 WOG, want to keep this discussion going by hearing from you. By answering the following questions, you will help us in our brainstorming efforts to increase the confidence of our wary givers!

  1. What steps can we take as a new organization to alleviate the fears of the wary giver?
  2. What key factors represent transparency, to you, in the nonprofit world? Consider the following: # of areas served, # of people helped, impact reports, video/photo reports, or social media news alerts?
  3. Does race, gender, age, and/or sexual orientation influence the thinking of the wary giver?
  4. What are some reasons that DO motivate you to give?

Feel free to leave a comment below with your responses, or drop us a line here!

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