When we first began to build 100 Ways of Giving, we saw a need to draw millennials to civic engagement. Last year and throughout our research, we found that millennials wanted to save the world, but were giving at much lower rates than any other age group. However, slowly but surely, we are being coined “The Giving Generation”. Much of this increased participation can be attributed to an upgrade in the Branding and Marketing campaigns of charitable organizations. Giving is in, and nonprofits are learning how to market it to younger generations as so.

In the midst of our #GivingTuesday campaign, we spoke to and met tons of cool people, who are doing some truly amazing work in the nonprofit sector. Each organization that we spoke to had a familiar cause with a unique mission and message. Of course, unique business models stand out to consumers and partners alike. So, it was no surprise that our interests were peaked when learning of charity-pioneer, Truly [M.A.D] (Truly Making A Difference).

Truly [M.A.D]’s business model is very simple: you shop, and a percentage of proceeds from your purchase is sent to charitable organizations. With the backing of about 30 local and national vendors, Truly [M.A.D] offers an array of products from women’s shoes to laptop accessories. Their creation of philanthropic shopping is genius and reinterprets how people consume.

Truly [M.A.D] is currently promoting an International Alliance, which stands to benefit their campaign “Road to Empowerment: Africa”.


Up until January 31st, 2016 purchases on will help change lives and make a difference by funding the following charity organizations:


Living Goods aims to empower health entrepreneurs to deliver live-saving health products to underserved communities in developing nations. Their works are most notable in Uganda, Kenya and Zambia. With an Avon-like model, Living Goods provides resources to local health advocates with products, such as, Malaria treatments, fortified foods, clean cook stoves, water filters and solar lights. By 2025, Living Goods aims to improve the lives of 50 million people in need.


“In Uganda, the HIV/AIDS crisis claimed millions of lives and left 1.1 million orphans in its wake. The AIDS crisis hit the adult population so severely that many children had no one to turn to except for their aging grandmothers.” By working on behalf of HIV/AIDS orphans in rural Uganda to end systemic deprivation, poverty and hunger through community development, education, and healthcare, the Nyaka AIDS Orphans Project has become a solution to this crisis.


setfree_trulymadSexual exploitation and human trafficking have taken hold of the lives of over 18,000 young girls in Uganda. Set Her Free aims to free these women and restore their lives by empowering them with guidance, love, food, shelter, education, counseling and mentorship. Approximately 120 girls graduate from their program yearly. Check out their documentary to learn more, and support Truly [M.A.D] in their efforts to aid in Set Her Free’s mission!



Spark Microgrants believes that community building should start from within. Their organization supports low-income, rural communities in designing and implementing social impact projects, such as a farm, electricity line and school, that increase self-sustainability. With the help of partners like Truly [M.A.D], Spark Microgrants has provided $2,000-$10,000 grants for project implementation. Their vision is to help 1,000 communities and 1 million people by 2025.


Are you still wondering, “How can I support Truly [M.A.D]’s mission?” We’re glad that you asked! The answer is simple: shop at It’s a win-win! You no longer need to feel guilty about buying that gorgeous purse that threatens to defy your monthly budget! 50% of profits will be sent directly to the charities mentioned above.

If you would love to be apart of the Truly [M.A.D] mission, but cannot do so monetarily, you can also support with a share! Either way, your participation will ensure that you are actively doing good, having fun and being the change.

Cheers to Truly [M.A.D] for their amazing work!



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